How to Boost Your Chances of Attaining Good Marks in Your Job Application

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Returning to work after being away for many years can be tricky. These days, more firms are interested in employing Mums. They want as diverse a workforce as possible. Some actively try to attract the parent who shoulders most of the childcare, by offering truly flexible working conditions.

But, to land the best roles you still need to be well-qualified. Something many Mums realise, which is why some of them use their break from work to update their qualifications. If you fall into that category, please read on. Below, I quickly share with you several easy ways you can boost your chances of achieving a good mark.

Use a professional proofreading firm:-

If you have an essay, thesis or dissertation to write, consider using someone like Scribbr to proofread it for you. They specialise in checking academic papers for clarity as well as spelling and grammar errors. This clarity check is vital because it is all too easy for a cornerstone point you are making to be misunderstood or lost completely. In which case, the chance of your gaining a high mark is greatly diminished.

For some exams, you will not lose marks for the actual grammar and spelling errors you make. But, the person marking your work can easily be put off by them. If that happens, their mindset can switch from open and interested to slightly irritated and not so sure about the value of what you have to say. It is a subtle change. So, they may not even be aware of it. But it is there and could have a negative impact on how high a mark they are prepared to give you.

Create time and space for focused study

While studying, it is important to focus. When you do, how much you will absorb increases. There is no harm in reading a book while the kids do their homework. You can get a lot done and set a good example at the same time. But, if you are grappling with a particularly difficult concept or trying to write an essay you need to be able to focus 100% on that task. You don´t want your train of thought to be interrupted by one of your children asking for help to solve a Maths equation they have been set.

So, it is important to have somewhere you can occasionally retreat to and work in total peace. Fortunately, you do not need much space. Setting up a comfortable seat, a good light and a small table in the corner of a room that is relatively quiet can work well. That way you can simply sit yourself down and focus for half an hour, maybe an hour. 

Learn how to micro revise:-

Everyone, especially busy Mums can benefit greatly from learning how to micro revise. This method enables you to take those spare few minutes you have during the day and use them to revise. A great way of doing this is to download a flashcard app and use that to make notes of facts you are struggling to learn. That way when you are waiting outside the school gates or for a bus you can use that few moments to revise. It is a surprisingly effective way to absorb important facts.

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