How Technology Can Help You Kick Bad Habits

Technology has revolutionised our lives in a vast variety of many different ways. It has allowed us comfort and security like never before. In the cold, we can turn the heating on; in the heat, we can use fans or air conditioning (if we have it). We can store our food in cold and even freezing temperatures all year round, access the world’s knowledge at the click of a button, and so much more. From little advancements that make our daily lives better to huge advancements that change civilizations, technology has propelled humanity forward unlike anything else. The more people who have access to technology, the more uses are created. You can learn something new, or you can even use technology to kick bad habits.

Monitor Your Spending

It is all too easy to overspend every single day. A snack on your way to work, a coffee pick-me-up to keep you going, a new t-shirt – all of these purchases add up. Paying with credit or debit makes it painless to buy things we don’t need, right up until we end up struggling at the end of the month. Not only is living pay check to pay check dangerous, but it also isn’t good for your mental health. That is why you should use apps or even just a spreadsheet to keep track of spending and budget more appropriately. It’s a lot harder to spend money carelessly when you see it depleting.

Restrict Procrastinating

Social media is addictive, but it rarely provides a lot of key value to our lives. We can end up scrolling for hours and gain nothing new from it. When this habit interferes with your productivity, both at work and at home, you have to stage an intervention for yourself. Thankfully there are many apps and programs which will limit your access to these sites if you find you have a problem. Take back your time, and you’d be amazed at what you can get done.

Get Healthier

There are a wide variety of tech and applications available to help you get healthier. From ingrained fitness apps on your phone to smart-watches, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to monitoring and recording your health. It can be hard to keep going when you do not understand what all your workouts are doing, but by logging it all, you will be able to see your progress. You can do this for exercise, sleep cycles, your diet, and even your water consumption. For every aspect of your health, there’s an app out there to help you better yourself.

Bad Habit Alternatives

Getting healthier is a noble goal, but when you already ascribe to or are otherwise addicted to a dangerous substance, even something as socially accepted as smoking, it can be hard to break the habit. Switching to Redjuice can, at the very least, minimise the infamous tar smell on your clothes and at best help you quit altogether.


Bad habits are hard to break, but by monitoring our habits or even finding better alternatives or methods to combat those habits, we can all work together towards being a better version of ourselves.



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