How do you pack?

As previously mentioned, I am a shopper and I love clothes and shoes and bags, so when it comes to going on holiday I like to plan outfits take a spare or two, a different swimsuit for different occasions, the shoes and the flip flop options, so as you can imagine I am not a light packer. I have been to a talk from a stylist on how to pack a capsule wardrobe, and how to pack your wardrobe around one staple colour and accessories so that one black maxi dress can have 3 different looks. It doesn’t work for me, I don’t want it to have 3 different looks I want to wear 3 different dresses!


I now have a daughter who has about as many outfits, hats, shoes and swimsuits as me, plus there are the toys, books, armbands, separate shampoo etc. to consider. So how on earth do you pack a case for 10 days which has to weigh 15lb? I have piles of clothes pulled out and I have to try and decide what makes the cut. Then once I have done this I can pretty much guarantee that I will need to add a couple of extra just in case items so I can see me having to pack and unpack several times before I get each case even near to 15lb!


Then there is the hand luggage, we need to pack to keep a 3 year old entertained, so we have sticker books, teddies, books, a Nintendo DS with Diego and Fifi and the Flowertots games (who knew they existed for 3 year olds!) We have a DVD player and an array of Mickey Mouse, Peppa Pig and Disney films to take. Then there are the snacks, do I take enough just for the trip there, what about the trip back, what if she doesn’t like the food at the hotel?!?


My husband thinks it is hilarious that I have lists and piles of clothes to sort and that I am thinking of taking bags of raisins and snacks when we are going to an all-inclusive hotel! I do love the organising and planning so I think I make that bit as much of the holiday as the holiday itself. Also I am planning the airport trip, is it wrong that I want to get there about 3 hours before our flight so I can have a look round? I love an airport!


So I think the moral of my holiday packing story is, I love the packing and the planning and the lists and airport as much as the holiday itself, in fact maybe even more! Right I’m off to get some Euro’s (another thing to tick off that list!)


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