How can you use children’s TV and technology to help your child’s development?

In the new digital era, children are consuming content at an increasingly early age on phones, TVs and tablets, which can often make parents feel anxious and guilty.

However, some television programmes and apps can actually be very beneficial to your child’s development. So as a parent, how can you identify the types of content that can be of value? Through years of research, Jacqueline has identified that watching high quality TV with your child does not need not be a passive experience. Young brains are hard wired to look for new and original information which is presented in rich and stimulating ways. Television can be a great provider of this information and can even help them develop in surprising ways.

Children’s TV has long been a source of entertainment for the nation’s youngsters and many British children’s shows have been credited with having a hugely positive impact on children. One of the most successful and most popular TV programmes of the last 19 years was Teletubbies, which is now back on our screens with brand new episodes starting on CBeebies 9th May. So has much changed since its original airing in 1997 when it comes to children’s TV!

TV kids tablet campaign

A WebTV show that is scheduled to air today 2pm and is talking about technology and a child’s development and education.  Child development expert Dr Jacqueline Harding is live in the studio discussing topics that ALL parents ask themselves daily……

Are tablets good for children?

And is kids TV actually educational?

All this and more will be answered

Show date: 04/05/2016

Show time: 14:00

This link will become the live show at 2pm when it kick off..


Watch our web TV show where child development expert Dr Jaqueline Harding looks at changes across the last 20 years as well as giving advice on how to use television and technology as a crucial tool in your children’s development.

Dr Jacqueline Harding

As this is live and interactive you are free to submit your own questions either before or during the show ! Click here to submit questions.

When the show has aired, the above link will change to enable you to watch in your own time.

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