Housework Hell


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So, the kids (or you!) have well and truly wrecked the house and you need to try and regain some peace and sanity by getting the house back into some kind of order!!

For some, the arrival of their cleaner is much anticipated but things still need to be relatively tidy beforehand… for others, like myself who don’t have the luxury of a cleaner, we have to roll up the old sleeves and get stuck in.

I hate housework. And I mean HATE it! It is the bane of my life, and the cause of huge amounts of stress! My house is never straight and with four children I fear it never will be! I am in awe of Mums who’s houses are pristine but it begs the one word question…


Even when I was a full time stay at home Mum I was never on top of the housework – there were way too many other things that I’d rather be doing!

But whether you’re a stay at home Mum or a Mum who works (the numbers of Mums who work right now is at a modern era high, with over 30% of Mums now in full time roles) we really need to know how we can keep on top of that all important housework, stop it becoming completely overwhelming and stressing our lives out!

We’ve put together a few useful tips…

1) Get some wipes. And I don’t mean baby wipes although these work quite well! No, I mean the anti-bac wipes. Keep a packet in the bathroom and wipe down all the surfaces quickly once a day. This helps keep the bathroom looking clean at all times without much effort. You can do a more thorough clean as and when you have time. Wipes are also handy for any area in the home to quickly eliminate dust and those dirty hand marks that appear everywhere when there are kids around!

2) Bleach. Another good one for the bathroom. Put this down the toilet once a day, preferably at night and it will prevent the build up of dirt and limescale that is very difficult to remove.

3) If the mess is of gigantic proportions, don’t panic, start small. Pick a room and concentrate on that, I always start with the kitchen, and don’t move on until that’s complete. Do the smallest things first eg pick up the odd item and put away etc, you will usually find that you gain momentum as you go along. Clean floors last. If you’re pushed for time, just tidy up and leave the scrubbing for another time. Scooping everything up and running the hoover round will suffice for now!

4) Give yourself a time scale then have a treat, half an hour of scrubbing then latte time!!!! You’ll feel recharged and more willing to carry on afterwards!

5) Get the washing machine on first thing and don’t iron everything. Be picky. Hang things up and hopefully they won’t look too bad by the time you need to wear it.

6) If you hang washing out, finishing it off in the dryer is great as this gets the creases out!

7) Pick a day for hoovering upstairs and stick to it. Even if you do it every other week…. it doesn’t get THAT dirty up there!

8) Time yourself! Choose a job you hate and time yourself, see how long it takes. You’ll probably find it doesn’t take as long as you think and you won’t dread it as much next time! You could even try beating your personal best time… just for the fun of it!!

9) This kind of ties in with point 3, but try to concentrate on one room at a time. That way even if you don’t get round to another, seeing the one you’ve done all sparkling and pristine will spur you on to tackle another room when you have more time!

10) Delegate. Give the other people in your household something to do and that includes the kids. Everyone contributes to the mess after all. Make it fun, see how ‘clean’ they can make something… get them to help with any job… unload the dishwasher, dust, polish (always a favourite with kids). And get them to tidy up after themselves – this is the big one that will save you so much time in the long run.


More and more Mums are taking the plunge and hiring a cleaner though, even just once a week is worth the outlay according to a survey, so she can do that thorough once a week clean/change beds/ironing etc. Most Mums that have a cleaner say they would sacrifice anything else if they were pushed for money rather than let their cleaner go!!

Hmm, I think I’m missing out here…..

What tips for getting the chores done would you like to add to the list?


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