Hot Topic: Diets – Lucy

Hot Topic: Diets - Lucy

Name Lucy Tierney

Age 36

Height 5 ft 9″

Dress size 14

What is your opinion on diets?

I’m afraid whether I feel good or bad is based on how much I weigh in the morning. From the age of 26-35,  I have been very consistent in my weight usually fluctuating in just a 6 pound window wearing a size 12. Around Christmas time my weight has previously crept up by a few pounds but within a few weeks I have been able to lose the weight by following a weight watchers plan and increasing the amount I exercise.

I don’t know where it has gone wrong but in the last year I’ve turned 36, started working for Mojomums, given up my gym membership, have put on 10 pounds and counting and can’t seem to motivate myself to lose it! Enough is enough! After having a look at myself in the mirror and not being able to fit into my larger jeans I am going to have to do something about it. I have noticed the correlation between how feel and how much I weigh and it’s starting to make me feel a little down. Although this could also be to do with lack of exercise, which always makes me feel more positive. I find it difficult to find time for the gym now with work and the children but I always used to, so I need to start planning to fit it in.

What is your relationship with food?

My relationship with food is a constant battle having very few cooking skills I tend to eat a lot of processed food and also eat out a lot! I also have a husband who works for Cadburys! I really enjoy food but feel a terrible guilt if I overindulge. I try to eat healthily during the week starting with cereal for breakfast, soup or a sandwich for lunch and fish or chicken with new potatoes and vegetables for dinner, but I always feel hungry.  Then at the weekend it goes wrong as I usually eat what I like washed down with lots of white wine. I also find it difficult not to eat the children’s leftovers however I need to revert back to a tip from my best friend: as soon as they finish eating put washing up liquid on their food!

I tend to overeat if I am tired or upset about something and then feel so guilty if I have overeaten.  I am also easily tempted, so if anyone offers me a cake or biscuits I find it very hard to say no. So when I’m dieting please don’t offer me any treats or invite me out for dinner!

Lightest weight

My lightest weight was at 24 when I weighed 9 and half stone. I had recently ended an unhappy engagement and was at my largest – weighing around 14 stone and wearing a dress size 20 – when that relationship ended. After the breakup I starting to enjoy life again, became very active by joining a gym and met another boyfriend who helped me feel confident. When this relationship ended I was heartbroken but to channel my heartbreak I went to the gym and ate healthily. Within 3 months I had lost 4 and half stone and was wearing a dress size 10.  I felt so confident about the way I looked during this time and in fact I met my now husband – my true love of my life – a few months later.

What diets have you tried?

After the birth of my first child and second child I tried Slim Fast and Weightwatchers.

Which have been most successful?

Weightwatchers really worked for me as I could have a little bit of everything and gain more points to be used for food by exercising. It also helped me keep a food diary so I could keep track of where I went wrong.

Slim Fast was good for a quick fix but I found the diet to difficult to maintain. It was also quite expensive to buy the products.  When I first tried the diet they used to have milkshakes and soups but recently when I thought about trying it again I noticed they now only sell milkshakes.

Any other thoughts?

Now I’ve written this blog I feel really inspired to join a gym again and to lose weight. As soon as I get home I need to throw out the biscuits and sweets and join Weight Watchers again! I will keep you posted on my progress!

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