Hot Topic: Diets – Emma

Name Emma Mjekiqi

Age 37

Weight now:  it starts with a 10 because its been Christmas

Height 5 ft 6ish

Dress size  12 ish

What is your opinion on diets? Do they have a place in your life on a regular basis, every year, every five years? More often? Part of your daily life?

I have only ever followed one diet but several times. Diets are a necessary part of life for some people. Some of my friends have followed every type of diet and I grew in a house where my  mum was constantly dieting. Whether it was the’ f’ plan diet, Lean Cuisine meals or red day, green day, she rarely ate the same as the rest of the family!  I don’t agree with people who dismiss dieting. If you find a diet that works for you and keeps you motivated and more importantly healthy then why not?

What is your relationship with food? Eat what you like? Constantly watching what you eat? Healthy in week and binge at weekend? Do you overeat? Why?

I would say that I have an obsession with food. I would like nothing more than to eat what I like when I want with no consequences. I can however manage to restrict myself and eat sensibly most of the time but when it comes to special occasions (like Christmas) I tend to go into overdrive and all restraint goes out of the window. I see it as a luxury to be able to indulge every so often and when I do I admit that I do overeat and put on weight.

Lightest weight – when? And give details about your lifestyle, state of mind, eating habits, job etc was at that time?

My lightest weight was 9 stone 5. I dropped from 12 stone through a strict weightwatchers stint. I had had my 2 children, knew that it was time to regain my body and went into diet mode. I actually found it easy at the time and the constant stream of compliments form friends and family kept me motivated.

Heaviest weight – And give details about your lifestyle, state of mind, eating habits, job etc was at that time?

I really don’t know what my heaviest weight was – But definitely around the 12 stone mark. There was no particular reason for this, just sheer greed! There was no particular life changing event that made me out on weight, it happened slowly from adolescence through my love of food coupled with the ignorance of cause and effect!

What diets have you tried?

I have only ever tried Weightwatchers because it works for me.

Which have been most successful?

Most revolting side effect of a diet?

Have been lucky enough not to suffer any…


Any other thoughts?

Pout a link to my blog here maybe?

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