Hot Topic: Diets – Emily

Hot Topic: Diets - Emily

Sales Director Emily has gone from her lightest weight after just having her first baby to her heaviest now, over 8 years later. She loves food and knows she’d be unhappy denying herself so plans to try and do more exercise this year…

Name Emily Barun

Age 42

Height 5’4’’

Dress size 12 to 14

Weight now 10 stone

What is your opinion on diets?

I have lost weight and put weight on in the past. But I have never really dieted before, apart from once. In my late 20s, I joined Weight Watchers with some other girls in the office. Over 4 weeks I steadily put on weight each week. A disaster. I think it’s because I was suddenly thrown into a state of obsession about food and points. So I was thinking about food 24/7. It helped me form my current views: Diets are unnecessary.

Weight is a very personal thing that you physically feel. It is heavy on your mind and can affect your self-esteem but it is only you and your own will and mind that can change it. I said I have never really been on a prescribed diet (other than the short Weight Watchers stint) but I have lost weight when I have needed to. Eg. After my first baby – I lost lots of weight. I lost it because I knew I was overweight, I felt it and somehow didn’t eat as much.  In the back of my mind I reduced pigging out on high calorific food.

What is your relationship with food?

First of all I eat everything. There is nothing I don’t like. I eat fairly healthily. I love vegetables – which helps a lot. I could quite easily do without meat – but eat all meat & fish all the same, and enjoy it. I love alcohol and have a rampant sweet tooth.  I am an eat, drink and be merry type of person.

Lightest weight – when was that?

My lightest weight was when I was probably in my early 20s and again after my first baby – around 9 stone. When I was  student I had a haphazard eating life and with high metabolic rate that youth gives you,  I think this was when I was at my lightest.

I was then 9 stone again after having my first child, I’d just moved house and threw myself into baby activities in my new area and I really wanted to lose my baby weight before going back to work 6 months later. I wasn’t in the habit of cooking meals for one person while I was on maternity leave and so ended up losing the baby weight and more.

Heaviest weight?

My weight today is the highest it has ever been, 10stone. All my life I have wavered between 9 and 10 stone. I am starting to feel worried.

I am bound by family duties. This means I have to drive everywhere – rushing around taking 3 children to their respective clubs/schools etc. So I am active – but not exercising, not even walking. Yet ironically it is now I need to do some exercise. The  weight doesn’t seem to be shifting off my hips and I know as my metabolic rate declines the ONLY way to stay sub-10stone is to exercise.

My view is as the kids get older – my personal freedom will increase. I will be able to do some more exercise and I will be able to maintain my weight better. So Emily will continue to be an eat, drink and be merry person!

I’m 10 stone now – feel slightly trapped because I want to exercise – but cannot find time. I even went to 2 weigh-in sessions at a local Weight Watchers recently because I was able to squeeze a quick 5 minute weigh-in session into my schedule…but was unable to follow any sort of points watching prescribed diet! But these days my weight is on my mind more than it has been before.

What diets have you tried?  None – apart from 4 week stint at Weight Watchers.

Other thoughts?

I feel eating and drinking is part of my personality. I enjoy the fun and happy side of food and drink. I think I would be sad and unhappy if I had to deny myself food. Dieting is something I really do not want to do. Exercise is the remedy for me. Being happy is my ultimate goal – being slim is of secondary importance. Food makes me happy. I enjoy the open, sharing side to eating and drinking with family and friends. I would not be happy separating myself from family and friends by eating different diet food.

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