Hot Topic: Diets – Claire

Hot Topic: Diets - Claire

Our Web Editor Claire doesn’t agree with diets. She thinks healthy eating and exercise is the only way to be healthy and happy and that diets encourage yoyo weight issues. Do you agree?

Name Claire

Age 39

Weight now 9st something

Height 5’11”

Dress size 10

 I don’t understand the point of being on a diet…What happens when you start eating ‘normally’ again?

What is your opinion on diets? Do they have a place in your life on a regular basis, every year, every five years? More often? Part of your daily life?

I have never dieted.

What is your relationship with food? Eat what you like? Constantly watching what you eat? Healthy in week and binge at weekend? Do you overeat? Why?

I feel almost guilty to say I take after my dad being tall and slim and generally can eat what I like without putting on weight. When I eat crisps or chocolate or cake in the office I often get comments about how I’m still slim and eat those things. People seem to think I must have an eating disorder to not be overweight. To me, staying slim is not rocket science. You need to burn the same amount of calories as you consume. I eat healthily; mostly home-cooked, balanced meals, hardly any supermarket bought processed foods, no ‘fast-food’ at all, maybe one take-away meal every three weeks. Alongside this if I want chocolate or crisps or cake (although I haven’t eaten wheat for around 6 months which means mainstream bread, biscuits and cake are out of bounds) I will have it.

I have a gym membership and during good weeks I will go twice and run for 15 minutes and do a few other things –generally I’m door to door in an hour. I haven’t actually been for several months now though. When I do exercise my body responds quickly and I feel practically instantly fitter and healthier.

I think people who are overweight either don’t understand which food is healthy or unhealthy or don’t care, or they are obsessed with food; they eat too much, they binge on unhealthy things, they use food as a crutch for something. I eat three meals a day and if I’m hungry I’ll eat in between.

One of my close friends has been on a diet her whole life and claims she eats a healthy balanced diet and doesn’t understand why she’s overweight. Actually she eats twice as much as she needs can’t bear any leftover food to ‘go to waste’ and will frequently binge on chocolates or biscuits when she’s tired, or feeling down, which is often.

Lightest weight – when? And give details about your lifestyle, state of mind, eating habits, job etc was at that time?

I was lightest just before my wedding 8 years ago. I didn’t eat very much for a couple of weeks because I was stressed and I didn’t sleep well either.

Heaviest weight – And give details about your lifestyle, state of mind, eating habits, job etc was at that time?

I was heaviest after my second child – around ten and a half stone I think. When I had my first child I walked everywhere and didn’t really notice any excess weight hanging about. With my second I’d moved to an area where I drove most places so it hung around for longer – a couple of years I think.

What diets have you tried?


Any other thoughts?

I think people who don’t have enough going on in their lives or are unhappy or have become used to being quite sedentary or don’t understand that eating healthily is important are the main reasons they are overweight. Lots of people I know who are apparently on diets eat white bread and drink fizzy drinks – both of which help you gain weight. I don’t understand the point of being on a diet, when you eat completely different things for a period of time in order to lose weight. If you do lose weight, what happens when you start eating ‘normally’ (for you) again? Many put it all back on. That’s why it has to be a lifestyle thing. I’m not a puritan – I just like proper food with real ingredients in! I think most people just need to have more respect for their bodies; eat a normal portion of good food at mealtimes and lead a relatively active life and then chocolate, puddings, cakes are fine.


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