Horrible Bosses

So we have all had some good jobs and some bad jobs, but have you ever had a boss that has made your job unbearable? Here are some of our Horrible Boss stories:



In my second ever job, as a media sales exec in publishing,  I remember handing my boss my call list as requested. He proceeded to screw it up and throw it in my face! He used to sit at his desk picking his nose and wiping it under the desk. He would daily fall asleep at work and snore. He even made up ad bookings,  and the last straw was when he got caught out for putting a trip to Ireland to visit his girlfriend on his expenses! This all sounds ridiculously exaggerated but I promise it was all true! I used to dread going into work and working with and for people you admire, respect and trust makes such a difference to how you performance also your general wellbeing!


God I’ve had a couple of moments in my career! My very first job at 16 was for a double glazing company doing telesales and the sales director used to make comments all the time like – how do you get into those jeans , me being a naive 16 year old used to think he was making a remark about me being fat, so I said quite easily thank you, his response was so a bottle of whiskey should do it! It got worse and eventually when I left and explained it to my parents, head ofice were informed and well lets just say the sales director was not there for much longer!!!! I had another boss who when I said I wanted to move from telesales to fields sales said to me but you are a girl…. I replied thank you for noticing, now about the job! Fortunately he saw the funny side and I did get the job! There have been a few moments in my career that looking back on have made me laugh and thinking about HR rules now could have made a fortune suing that employer!



I once had a boss who sent an email around threatening to cancel the Christmas party because an advert didn’t reproduce correctly in the paper and the entire office got the blame. We still had the party but no one wanted to go. However, she is LOVELY and I am really friendly with her still and think she was having a bad day and under lots of pressure from the board! My first ever boss at my first ever job as a junior designer in an agency was super mean and should be ashamed of herself as she really dented my confidence. I got in at 5.30 am one morning to help on a pitch for a big client, she took one look at me and said “why the hell are you here?” then went into her office.



I once worked as an Assistant Manager at a small, independant travel agents.  The owner would not let us call him by his first name & made us call him Mr “and his surname”!  It felt like being back at school, not work!  When I handed my notice in (after overhearing that he had been paying the staffs wages out of his own pocket as the business was not making enough money), he did not talk to me for the entire months notice!  Sometimes we would be the only two in the office and he would still not say a word!  Onwards to bigger and better…


So have you had a terrible boss? We’d love to hear about it! If you still have a horrible boss or just want to change your role send a copy of your CV to info@mojomums.co.uk and we can help you find your dream job!

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