I have just dropped my twins at preschool.  They go just twice a week at the moment & have a great time!  And I head into work on these mornings – a little bit of adult time, time to use my brain & hopefully add something to the Mojomums team…


What I didn’t expect when I signed the boys up to preschool was homework…not for the boys so much as for me!


It started before Christmas when we were asked to bring in a wire coathanger covered in silver or green tinsel.  The mission was on!  My first ‘mummy’ school homework mission!  I decided to search for the slightly different, green tinsel…urm…does anyone out there sell green tinsel???  Not that I found.  So silver tinsel in hand, I set to work…the boys paid absolutely no attention to the job in hand, prefering to run off giggling with the loose end…But I persevered & 2 silver tinsel covered coathangers were handed in on time!


Today I have been given a list of upcoming events along with what the boys (I) need to bring along…red clothes for Valentine’s week – ok, not a problem as we have red tops they can wear; St Patrick’s Day green clothes – great, only have 1 green top so going to have to buy/figure that one out; Easter, not only do I have to make bonnets for the Easter Bonnet Competition (x2 – aargghhh!) but on the first day back after the Easter holidays it is St George’s Day where they are to dress as knights or dragons…dragons!!! OMG!!!


I am not really an ‘arts & crafts’ sort of person…I’m just no good at it!  I try, it doesn’t look like I hoped it would (or anything like the picture off Pinterest that I would be copying), so I give up…


Help is needed!  Spare Easter bonnet anyone?!?!  Knights costume or dragon onesie hanging around?!?!  You know where to send it…!!!

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