Home organisation – where do you keep all of the toys?!

Getting organised after Christmas can be a nightmare! There are all the new presents, there is all the new crockery, chairs, bedding etc you have brought for the guests over the festive period, the New Year means a good clear out and a sort out too.

So what should you do?

Firstly – forget the past…

Start with the old stuff; can you get rid of old toys? Have a clear out and put them on Ebay or plan for a car boot sale? Alternatively get them bagged and put in the loft if you are planning on having more children and think they could come in handy.

What about your wardrobe and kitchen? Are there things there to add to the Ebay/charity shop pile? If you haven’t worn it for 6-12 months do you really need it? Are you hanging onto something in the hope you lose weight or that it comes back into fashion? If so, maybe it is time to let go! Same with the kitchen; that bread maker, mixer, slow cooker, fryer – yes they are wonderful, but honestly do you use it? Is it taking up vital cupboard space? If so now is the time to be ruthless!

What storage have you got and is it enough?

The minimalist house is all well and good but when it comes to family life is it really practical? Life BC (before children) is very different to life after and all those toys, gadgets, chairs all need a place to go. Do you have enough storage space or is there a place in your home for a new cupboard, shelving unit, storage boxes?

Out of sight out of mind?

Storage boxes are a god send! There are lots of different types from leather suitcases to plastic boxes, from floral material to wooden, there really is something for everyone and every look. Get different sizes; smaller ones for toy figures and Lego pieces and larger ones for plastic houses and boxes of games. Once you have them all tidied away and everything has a home it is easier for you to keep on top of it and for your little one to help tidy things away, they will soon learn where things go.

Family space V’s Living space V’s Bedrooms

There are pluses and minuses for having toys in various rooms in the house and some of it has to do with the age of your child. My daughter is too small to play in her room yet so her toys are in the living area, however tidy up time means everything goes away to try and leave an adult friendly living space. OK, so there are storage boxes behind the sofa and in the corner of the room, but if I face the TV I can hardly seem them! As she gets older more can move into her room, but for now I can live with all the pink plastic as long as it is in a storage box and out of the way! Also bedtime means there are only books and teddies in her room so there is no temptation to be playing HappyLand at 8pm at night!

Book shelves, drawers, storage units

Books, puzzles, crafts can take up a lot of room and can look messy, a book case or drawers in the bedroom can be a fab idea to keep them neat and tidy. Craft items may need to be kept downstairs so there isn’t a glitter incident whilst they are on their own in their room, so why not have a specific drawer, box or chest for craft and messy play items that you can put away somewhere and be in control of. Finding the storage solution that works for you in your house can be the key to keeping the mess contained and stop it from driving you a bit insane!

Good luck in your New Year tidy and we hope we have inspired you!

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