Home from work & straight into your PJ’s?!

Are you one of the 65% of us that change into comfy clothes as soon as you arrive home from work?! I know I am!

Do you have a ‘comfy clothes drawer’ especially set aside for these lounge-around clothes?  According to a new poll 32% of us have, and yes again, I am one of these people!

23% of people questioned say they change straight into their PJ’s and a huge 52% predict that they will be wearing their dressing gown more than their winter coat this year!  We think that’s a reason to buy yourself a new pair of PJ’s right now, here’s a few that Mojomums love…


As always, click on the image to start shopping – happy lounging!


Source: Dr Beckmann polled 1,700 people across its customer database in October 2014.

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