Help reduce heart attack deaths with an achievable New Year’s resolution

With 96% of people breaking New Year’s resolutions, charity calls for people to make a resolution they can keep, that could save a life!

As 92,000 people in the UK suffer heart attacks each year, and a third of those die as a result, St John Ambulance is urgently calling for the public to make one New Year’s resolution they can keep: help the charity reduce heart attack deaths by watching and sharing a six-second film on, so more people can spot the signs, and be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.

New research from St John Ambulance, the nation’s leading first aid charity, shows that nearly two-thirds (63%) of people wrongly believe that a heart attack is a cardiac arrest. The symptoms of a heart attack are known as the “Four Ps”: Pain (in the chest), Pulse (rapid or weak), Perspiration, and Pale skin. If these are spotted swiftly, and appropriate treatment is given, it need not lead to a potentially fatal cardiac arrest (when the person stops breathing and requires resuscitation).

The problem:

–          Nearly three-quarters of us (73%) make New Year’s resolutions

–          Of that figure, 96% of us break them, citing:

  • Most (72%) simply lose interest
  • 20% feel that they didn’t need to make the resolution in the first place
  • 7% feel resolutions can be expensive
  • 11% feel resolutions are time-consuming

–          Most resolutions will be broken by Friday 24th January 2016.


The solution: This January, St John Ambulance is calling on the public to make one achievable resolution which is free, takes seconds, and could save a life today or in the future.  St John Ambulance is encouraging people to watch and share their film, on which shows how to recognise the first signs of a heart attack.

Sue Killen, CEO of St John Ambulance says: ‘We want to give people the chance to make an achievable – and potentially life-saving – New Year’s resolution. Help us reduce heart attack deaths by watching our quick steps on how to spot a heart attack, and share it with your friends. We hope it isn’t but this could be the year you need to use it.’
If you don’t have time to watch the film, just remember the “Four Ps” and you’re half way there:

  1. Pain (chest pain)
  2. Pulse (weak or rapid)
  3. Pale (ashen skin)
  4. Perspiration (or profuse sweating)


You can also find out how to treat a heart attack using first aid on the website.

This January make sure that you keep just one resolution – you could save a life. Visit for more details.

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