Helen’s Mother’s Day








My Ideal Mothers Day:  (we only get one day a year, I think we should milk it)

To be taken away for the weekend, somewhere hot, or really indulgent!!  Kids can come too!!

Homemade cards from children.

Not have to cook or clean.

Not have to consider what everyone else is doing, and co-ordinate plans, parties, homework, football matches, dancing, singing, PE-kits etc

To be taken out to a restaurant that has been booked by my husband!

An afternoon sleep – uninterrupted.

Full power over the remote control, all day!!

Glass of chilled Chablis to be bought to me whilst in a hot bubble bath!!

Get into freshly made bed (nothing better than that clean sheet smell)

Do it all again tomorrow as an extra special treat!!


What actually happens:

Woken up by kids, with cards, presents and cup of tea. (lovely)

Left to lie in bed, read a book, contemplate the day ahead….

Wave goodbye to husband and son who are off for a football match

Start peeling potatoes, preparing veg, roasting meat, making desserts, chilling wine, creating delicious pre-dinner nibbles, hovering, dusting, tidying, moping, laying the table, finding extra chairs….ready for rest of family arriving at 1pm.

12.25 go up for shower….

12.30 family arrive 30 mins early!!!!!

Still in dressing gown and hair looking like I have been electrocuted……get everyone a drink and franticly serve up some nibbles.

Husband gets home. He’s met with a look that could kill and whispered abuse for being late.  I go for shower.

Pull together huge roast with all the trimmings for 10 people, enjoy everyone’s company, and the appreciation of the effort I have gone to.

Hand over all clear up duties to husband and kids and continue sitting around table drinking wine, nibbling at cheese with family.



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