Heartthrob from your teenage years?

We may be showing our age now, but when we were teens it was all about who was on the posters on your bedroom walls, so we thought we would find out who was on your bedroom wall when you were young but most importantly who was your heart-throb?


Amanda: I was a massive Michael Jackson fan so I had posters of him in my room, but I also had a picture of Guy Pierce (Mike from Neighbours who went on to star in huge films such as Momento) I also had a picture of Corey Haim (from Lost Boys and Stand By Me fame), Luke Perry (from Beverley Hills 90210) and Rob Lowe (from films such as St Elmo’s Fire and The Outsiders). I have to say Rob Lowe was my hot pin up from my teenage years. I did then move onto Take That and Robbie was my favourite although I have to say Gary Barlow has certainly aged well!


Emma: I was a HUGE Brosette and I was in love with and if I’m honest still am quite a lot in love with – sorry husband! Matt Goss. There was nobody else!


Helen: I was in love with John Taylor from Duran Duran!


Lucy: I was a big New Kids on the Block fan so for me it was Donnie Walberg, but I also loved Jason Priestley from Beverly Hills 90210. I have to say I also have a huge soft spot for Clive Owen from his days as the Chancer.

Carolynne: I loved George Michael and Emilio Estevez! Also had the odd Tom Cruise poster from his Top Gun era!

Sally: Madonna for music and never really had a teenage crush although I used to like Brian Austin Green from Beverly Hills 90210 who is now married to the very beautiful Megan Fox!


So there are some of our crushes, but we’d love to know who adorned your bedroom wall and if they are still a heartthrob now or haven’t aged quite as well as you’d have thought!

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