Have Fun with Words, Maria Sarkar

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Have Fun with Words is designed to motivate learners, aged 9-12, build vocabulary in a structured way and to become aware of the richness of the English language.

The workbook provides:

  • A clear presentation of target words as well as expressions, carefully selected and put in context
  • Stimulating activities for recall and practice
  • Free practice in challenging extension activities
  • Links to grammar to show how words operate in a sentence
  • Tasks to develop other related skills such as using the dictionary effectively and guessing meaning of words, all eventually helping to improve reading fluency and enriching the child’s writing

Publisher: Austin Macauley

Reviewer: Shabana Ansari

“Have Fun with Words And Increase Your Vocabulary” lives up to its title. Unlike other similar “workbooks” that tend to have a heavy, boring look, this one is fun and engaging throughout, thanks to its colourful illustrations and simple, easy-to-follow instructions.

Divided into 16 chapters that cover everything from adjectives to idioms, the book is a must-have for older children and their parents. Though my 6-year-old is too young to use it, I found “Have Fun with Words …” rather helpful since it’ll be a good tool for me to use while explaining concepts such as abstract nouns and phrasal verbs to my child.

I’d recommend it to parents who’d like their children to increase their vocabulary while having fun with the language.

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