Happy Hooves Ta Dah!

Donkey has a dream about a trip to the beach. He calls to his friends and they begin their journey to the sea and the sand. But how will they cross the terrifying cattle grid that lays ahead? Happy Hooves, Ta Dah! is the first book in a series of tales about the exciting and funny adventures of five hoofed friends who use the power of teamwork and friendship to overcome challenges.

Publisher: Fat Fox Books Ltd (1 Sep 2014)

Reviewer:  Briony Stebbings

Happy Hooves Ta Dah! By A.Bogie and Rebecca Elliot

This Is a truly delightful tale of a Donkey and his friends who fancy a trip to the beach but when they come across a cattle grid how will they get across?

For me this is the prefect book for young children, it is engaging to both children and adults, I am not ashamed to say I read it straight away and then read it with my husband almost straight afterwards so I could share it with him. It is the perfect length for a bed time tale, long enough to be worthwhile but not so long that you have to stop half through or, dare I say it, get a little bored.

The illustrations are colourful and fun and I find them really pleasing, the nice large pages mean that with my one being so young he can just appreciate the lovely pictures whilst listening to my voice. I don’t think you can underestimate the value of a good picture book for a young child.

The story is written as a beautiful rhyme, easy to follow and quick to get lost in. If you want to get a bit deeper it teaches you that obstacles can be overcome and friendships are important and that even the smallest thing can be a big adventure.

As I’m a bit precious about books this is one of those that is too lovely to let me little boy play with and goes on the shelf where it can remain pristine and be enjoyed for years to come.

I cannot wait until Happy Hooves, Oh! Oh! Oh!, a Christmas Tale is released, It’s on my wish list.

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