Halloween is coming and this year will be the first year my daughter will really understand anything different is happening. So what is the etiquette for Halloween as a newbie to all this? Should I allow a 3 year old to dress up and knock on neighbours doors demanding sweets? Should I let her dress up but not go trick or treating as she is still a bit too young for it? Or do I organise to pop in to a couple of friends and let her trick or treat there?


When I was young I think we had a Halloween party once at a friend’s house, but I don’t think we went trick or treating so this popular Halloween tradition has passed me by and I am out of touch with the rules!


We have a group of local children who all come round together in one big group and I always make sure our pumpkin is in the window and that porch light is on and there is a big bowl of sweets on the side. It is lovely to see them all dressed up, but they are all children I know, I am not so sure if I lived on a busier road and not down a cul-de-sac if I would be quite so happy handing out sweets to lots of random children?


Also we teach our children all year not to talk to strangers and not to accept sweets from strangers and then on Halloween we encourage them to dress up and threaten people that they will play a trick on them if they don’t hand over sweets. It kind of goes against everything I believe in, but then again we live in a lovely area where the neighbours would all be happy to see my daughter dressed up – I’m just not sure if it is the right thing to do? Or is it just a bit of harmless fun and I am overthinking it?


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