Halloween Games

Apple Bobbing

You need a big bucket of water, apples and potentially plastic sheeting on the floor in case there is a spill!

Fill (not right to the top) the bucket with water and place the apples in, get people to hold their hands behind their back and try to get an apple out with their teeth.


The horror story

This takes a bit of planning and you may need to tailor this depending on the age of the children! Plan a story with lots of noises, emotion and things to touch. Get the children all sitting around and whenever you can add a scary noise, a cool breeze from a fan, or a prop such as a bowl of jelly or spaghetti with a towel over it so the children can’t peak, then get them to close their eyes and touch it you tell them it is eyeballs or brains. The more goey, gory an dscary you can make it the more fabulous the horror story is! I would give the story a happy ending though so there aren’t any nightmares.


Guess the ghoulish guest

Get all the children in a circle, whilst the person who is “on” is blind folded. Then he blind folded person goes around tapping people on the head and when the music stops the person they are on has to wail, moan or scream and the blindfolded person has to guess who it is. If they get it right that person takes the blind fold, if they get it wrong they move on and have to guess again.


Guess what

Get a tray with lots of tactile food on and cover them with towels, then get the children to guess what the items are, so raw sausages – get them to guess them tell them it is fingers. Spaghetti can be brains, or rats tails, Jelly can be intestines, eggs can be eyeballs. You can do this with each child taking a turn of all the items and writing it down or guessing, alternatively you can blindfold one child to guess each item and tell the others via holding up a card with the “fake” item on it so fingers written on it – for sausages. The other children will say how yuk it is and build up the anticipation for the blindfolded child.


Pass the Halloween Parcel

This is as the traditional game of pass the parcel but with ghoulish trick or treats on each layer of wrapping for each person to carry out or eat before continuing with the parcel. The end prize can be a trick or treat!


Haunted treasure hunt

Based on the days of pirates, give the children clues to the hidden treasure and hide clues around the room get them to work together or in teams to find each clue you can give tricks and treats with each clue until they find the treasure.


Pin the limb on the skeleton 

Get a large skeleton and draw a leg and an arm the same size as the original, or better stil detach the original limbs from the skeleton, blindfold a child and give them either the leg or arm, spin them around and get them to try and get the limb in the right spot, closest wins a prize.


If you have any other suggestions of great Halloween games please post your suggestions below.



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