Green Gym

I love this idea!  I have tried (and failed) at many gyms; they just don’t motivate me and I end up paying a subscription and then using every excuse under the sun not to go!  However, I love being outside and I enjoy gardening, and well, digging up weeds from my garden can certainly be classed as exercise as we have enough of them!  So if you fancy a way of improving your health and are not keen on running machines either then find your local Outdoor Green Gym…


Combining workouts with sprucing up Britain’s green spaces, you can be helping the environment as well as helping yourself!

Suitable for ages eight upwards, it can be an ideal family activity too.

Work up a sweat after being taken through a range of warm-up exercises, then grab your tools and get digging!  Sessions usually last half a day, ending with a vital cool-down session and a well deserved cuppa!

To find your nearest Green Gym click here

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