Grandparents (& working on a Saturday)

While I was busy working in the Mojomums office on a sunny Saturday morning, my step-dad was looking after my children – “we’re off to the park”, he cheerfully told me…

I choose to work on Saturdays as it’s a day that I don’t really have to worry too much about childcare – hubby works every other Saturday morning, so for those few hours a member of our extremely large family looks after the boys.  Usually one grandparent or another, and this has been the case since I returned to work when the boys were around 18 months old.

Now I have to admit to being extremely excited about the fact that in September my four year old twins will be starting school; not only will that be a massive change for them, but for me as well – as for as long as I can remember I have worked Saturdays and now I will be shifting these hours into the week instead! Finally, a ‘real’ weekend to look forward to!

But, I have overlooked one set of people that will miss my working on Saturdays – the grandparents…

…Saturday mornings for the grandparents will no longer be filled with making play tents in the front room, playing ‘bears’, going on adventures or heading to the local playground…  8.30am visits to my house to be greeted with cries of delight and huge cuddles will be a thing of the past…

And I think this Saturday morning my wonderful step-dad decided to set off his final weekend babysitting duties with a bang…!!!

First stop, the park – run ragged with the boys heading each in a different direction, he realised there was only one thing to do – the ice cream van!

Ice creams gobbled up (by 9.30am I would imagine!), they then set off into the woods to go on an ‘adventure’ looking for wild animals – if anyone has ever seen a real-life crocodile in a Hertfordshire wood then please let me know as twin number two was very disappointed not to find one!

Next stop, the toy shop…!!!  Yes, you did read this correctly!  TOY SHOP!  With four year olds!  Two of them!

Now I know that one of the grandparents ‘duties’ is to spoil their grandchildren in a way unknown to their parents (uh, I do not ever remember being taken to a toy shop to actually buy toys unless it was my birthday!) but surely my two cheeky-boys did not need two How to Train Your Dragon toys along with, in hubbies words as I have not yet left the office to see for myself, the biggest kit of Lego we have had yet!

I think it’s safe to say they have been spoiled rotten!  I’m not sure if that was Grandpa’s intention, maybe he thought he would get away with just ‘looking’ at the toys, but either way I know my two will miss his Saturday morning visits…

I have to admit, and I don’t want to wish the years away, but I can’t wait to be that fun-loving, treat-giving, weekend babysitting grandparent in the future!  Grandparents rock!


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