Giving a book for Christmas makes people happy

Giving a book for Christmas makes people happy, according to almost three-quarters of people surveyed for the ‘This Christmas Think Books’ campaign


A child (77%) is the most likely family member to have received a book as a Christmas present during the past two years, followed by ‘a husband/wife/partner’ (60%). On average, 42% of people receive two books at Christmas…and 15%, sadly, receive none!

The ‘This Christmas Think Books’ survey also reveals that books are the most popular present for children under six. 76% says they have purchased a book by an author they didn’t recognise in the past five years, new books beat classics and 56% have bought books by authors they know for children aged six or under. Books face competition from soft toys (72%), art and craft items (60%), DVDs (56%) and dolls/Barbie/action figures (48%)

Have you brought a book for your child this Christmas?  I have brought a few themed books which I will give to my sons to read in the lead up to Christmas, along with a couple for gifts on the big day.  We would love to hear what are your favourite books…

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