Give me 3 Reasons Why I Should Take my Family on Holiday to Holland or Belgium!

Here at Little Clogs Holidays we’ve not been shy in coming forward in sharing why Holland and Belgium are perfect family holiday destinations. The decision to choose these two countries was not a random choice but it was born from us having real roots and experience of both countries.  We felt we wanted to share and encourage others to discover the beauty, culture and family friendly atmosphere we have encountered for themselves.

We take pride in focusing on locations and accommodations that are just right for families with babies and toddlers but in fact everything we recommend is suitable for the whole family meaning once you’ve fallen in love with Holland and Belgium like us, you can return year after year without the fear that you will run out of fun things to do.

So, you may ask yourself what it is that is so special? What makes these countries stand out and are these destinations REALLY for your family? Well allow us to pick just 3 reasons to help you understand just that little bit more about why Holland and Belgium could easily become your next family getaway!

1. Look Beyond the Stereotype

We are unaware of two countries as small as The Netherlands and Belgium to have quite so many things that they are typically known for. Ranging from cheese, clogs, windmills, beer, chocolate and of course an infamous ‘Red Light District.’

However, you’d be forgiven for having never been told about the endless kilometres of sandy beaches, beautiful national parks and woodlands which can be found dotted around them both. Then how about the most adorable ‘Nijntje’ or ‘Miffy’ as it is so lovingly known in the UK. The cuddly rabbit and her friends are in fact the creation of Dutch author Dick Bruna and have their own fabulous interactive museum right in the heart of Utrecht city centre. Pop over to Belgium and discover the home of The Smurfs and Tintin too!  If you want to fit in like a true local then getting around by bike is the way to transport your family around the endless beauty spots and attractions, some of which do in fact include clogs and windmills of course!

2. Location and Accommodation

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Both Holland and Belgium are easily reached by plane or ferry making them very accessible whether you fancy a short break or an extended family holiday. Once you’ve arrived, being small in size means you can really see as much or as little as you like, but nothing is too far away. This is one for the reasons we love these countries as holiday destinations as you can easily take multi-centre holidays without feeling like you need to travel too far but at the same time you can pop over the border to another country be it Germany, Luxembourg or France just for lunch if you fancy it!!

These countries boast fantastic clean beaches, some lined with cafes and bars, others with their own playground set in the sand whilst it’s just as easy to find those beaches that are waiting for you to discover them all by yourself without the fancy trimmings but with equal cleanliness and safety.

Accommodation is of a high standard and you can choose to stay within the beautiful woodlands where you can step out of your home and take a stroll directly amongst the trees and wildlife, glamp on a farm or even sleep a stone’s throw away from the beach. Believe it or not, you can even stay in your own fairytale castle on the edge of a magnificent fairytale forest and theme park.

3. The Child is Centre of Every Family

There is something that is part of the culture in Holland and Belgium that really embraces family time. These countries are child friendly, evident not only in their abundance of family holiday parks and farm holidays but within them they have specifically designed accommodation to make little visitors feel even more welcome. It isn’t a case of keeping children quiet it is about encouraging them to be outdoors, to socialise and to explore and learn in their natural environment.

Holidays are for memories and we all know that if our children are happy and busy then we can unwind too. We haven’t forgotten the adults as being parents of young children ourselves we know how important it is to pamper ourselves too, so rest assured there is plenty for adults to do. We believe the balance is right in these countries as children are welcomed as equally as adults, accepted and meant to be interacted with. You will find children’s trolleys in the supermarket and free fruit for them to eat as they walk around, play areas in cafes or activities to do in shops, to name just a few examples.

It may seem impossible to imagine that an iPad won’t be in our luggage somewhere and there are times when we all need to grab for it. However, from our own experience of holidays taken with our own families in the holiday parks and farms we feature, we’re willing to risk saying that they may just stay packed away as your children find that getting back to nature, building huts and making friends really are way more fun!!

Dutch children are said to be the happiest in Europe and it’s easy to see why.

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