GCSE Results Day

With all the GCSE results out now…. we hope your kids got he results they wanted/needed!

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But will your son or daughter be heading back to school to study A Levels? Or maybe taking a college course? Heading into an apprenticeship?  Or diving straight into a full time working life?  Between us here, the Mojomums team have pretty much covered all of these choices – and personally, I chose the apprenticeship option…

…at the time, a choice that was questioned by my school teachers; I received good grades and passed all of my exams and was encouraged to stay on at school to study A Levels, but over the previous couple of years I had already decided on my career path – I wanted to work in the travel industry.

I was a pretty grown up, level headed sixteen year old.  I worked a Saturday job in a high street retailer for nearly a year before sitting my GCSE’s.  I had, at the age of fourteen, already enquired about travel related college courses and travel industry qualifications.  I quickly worked out that I could take the college place I had been offered over 5 days and still work my Saturday job, or I could take an apprenticeship role and leave my Saturday job, only having to work a total of 5 days a week and earn the same amount of money and get the same qualification; in my eyes the answer was simple and the apprenticeship won hands down!


I loved my new job!  I worked hard to learn the ropes and fit in with my teammates.  I studied with enthusiasm as I was learning about a subject that I was passionate in.  I passed my two year course with flying colours (if I do say so myself!) and quickly progressed within my chosen career at a speed that I believe would not have been possible had I chosen to stay at school or college.

Obviously not every career path can start with a straight-from-school apprenticeship, but for those that can they are well worth seriously considering…

GCSE apprenticeship

The starting salaries are a lot higher than when I started (£27.50 a week! Showing my age now…!) and the companies involved and opportunities are vast and varied – for more information visit www.apprenticeships.gov.uk


Mojomums Jobs helps to get mums back into the work place and in a role to suit their needs.  But we don’t only help mums!  We can help you no matter how much or how little you want to work, skilled or unskilled.  Visit www.mojomumsjobs.co.uk


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