Fun and Easy Chinese, Elinor Greenwood

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Mandarin Chines is Child’s Play!  Children will learn to read, speak and write over 100 phrases in no time.  From Emperors to Dragons they will discover China’s cultural history too.  Creative activities make learning fun and easy.  Included are stunning stickers, a cd for pronunciation and an app too.  Mandarin is the language of the future and the future starts here!

Publisher: Noodle Publishing (Aug 2014)

Reviewer: Klaudia Kahn 

Learning Chinese? It must be difficult… And things that are difficult cannot be fun… Unless you can make it fun and easy by getting a great new Mandarin Chinese activity book for children ‘Fun and easy Chinese’ by Elinor Greenwood. It looks so colourful and fun from the first page and it is filled with so many interesting facts about Chinese language and culture that it is really hard to put down.

It is a language learning book, but it doesn’t feel like one! Filled with great activities, puzzles, colouring, riddles and with lots of colourful stickers included, it feels more like a fun and smart activity book. So it’s a great gift for any child. My daughter wanted to have a start on it as soon as she saw it, doesn’t matter if she’s little yet and doesn’t know anything about Chinese… The book is meant for children aged 8-12 and I’m sure they’d find the content fun. But I feel the book is great for anyone: the little siblings would be jealous of missing the fun in the book, and there are lots of new facts and stories that the grown-ups would find interesting, too.

So why would anyone want to learn Mandarin Chinese? Well, the author mentions several reasons: it’s fascinating, lots of people speak it and it could help you get a job later, as Chinese is the business language of the future. There are also plans of introducing Mandarin Chinese to British schools, so the book could be a great introduction! Besides it could just be fun to learn, and if you are not convinced yet, ‘Fun and Easy Chinese’ by Elinor Greenwood is sure to make up your mind.

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One Response to Fun and Easy Chinese, Elinor Greenwood

  1. Christina Creer says:

    This book has been a great introduction to Chinese for me and the kids. It actually makes the language approachable for anyone. Five stars!

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