Full time working mums – I salute you!

My boys have (finally!) started school full time and I have been able to increase my hours at work.

This has meant two main things in my household; number one being no more working on a Saturday (yeay!) and number two, my home is in disarray!

Somehow, I am now unable to keep on top of even the most basic of chores at home!  Essential food items seem to be running out quicker than before, and not replenished (“Mum, where’s the milk for my cereal?”).  Washing piles are higher than a post-holiday suitcase emptying session!  Ironing, well, who has the time for that?! And as for the house being cleaned, put it this way, the spiders are certainly happy in my household!

So my question is, how do full time working mums manage?  Add in the after-school events and activities, dinner to be made (if there’s even any food in the fridge), homework, reading, baths…I just don’t know how you do it!

I’m usually a very organised women – I have a calendar, a diary and I absolutely love to make a list to strike through, so why am I struggling?  I’ve only increased my hours by a few extra a week but this has thrown me off course!

I am lucky, I have a flexible job that means I can drop my children to school and pick them up again – my work/life balance should be (on paper) pretty close to perfect.  I do wonder to myself if I will ever be able to return to full time work?  Have the last few years of working reduced hours really impacted me so much that I am unable to do both; work and home?

I think I need to spend a little time this weekend getting organised – planning the online food shop in advance, ensuring the school uniform is clean, not stressing the small stuff but concentrating on the important and necessary things.

…Oh, and maybe finding a daily milk delivery and buying a few extra school polo shirts too! 😉


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