Forest of Shades, Aderyn y Mor

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This novel, the first in a trilogy, creates a whole new world of magic for the reader to explore, with lands described in vivid detail. Following the adventurous life of Rhys, a man possessed of the Knowledge who has chosen the path of a traveller and who brings aid to those in times of desperate need, the story opens as his search begins to find King Llew’s missing daughter. Although this initially proves to be a fruitless task and, despite his need to travel on, Rhys never gives up hope that one day he will find her.

Reviewer: Liz

This is essentially a children’s to teens story.  Mildly written in quite a nice way with minimal violence, The Forest of Shades takes you on a journey with Rhys (the main character) as he travels through magical areas helping different folk with various challenges.  After he loses his mother, he has a number of tasks to complete before meeting the lady of his dreams.  The ending to this first book comes as quite a shock….

I was disappointed that there was no description of Rhys (apart from blue eyes)  or any main characters really – it was hard to relate to them therefore as you had no mental picture of what they looked like or their ages.  I hope the second book is a little more descriptive.




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One Response to Forest of Shades, Aderyn y Mor

  1. John Moore says:

    A really good read – full of magick!

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