Footprints – Sammy’s Story, Duncan Wills

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It’s the 1950’s. Sammy is a quiet loner who has recently suffered personal tragedy. At the bottom of a wardrobe he finds a dusty old book which his dad brought back from the war. Unbeknown to him it is an ancient magical book possessing massive powers. Also unknown to him evil people in far off lands are searching for the book.

Publisher:  Troubadour

Reviewer:  Natalie Kershaw

This book didn’t take me too long to read. Each of the chapters are quite short so it is easy to put down and pick up again. I got the kindle version and I had no less of a reading experience.

The story starts in war-torn Germany where a mysterious brown book is found. Jump to 12 years later where we are introduced to school boy Sammy, his friends, community and family. There is some nice description without being over the top. The chapters do jump from one scene to another making it appear disjointed at times. As you go through the story, it is hard to decide if it is a mystery, magic or science fiction as there is a mysterious queen and strange coincidences on every page. Sammy begins to grow up and understand the power of the mysterious brown book and his role in protecting it. We are brought along on the journey with him. You find that you like him and hate him at the same time. You also wonder how his friends fit into his journey.

I found this an easy predictable read; although I couldn’t always place the genre and there were some surprising characters that I didn’t expect to be in this. If you like a coming-of-age type story with some interesting but safe twists then this is the book for you.


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