Fomatsu, Anna Hammond

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Exiled to an abandoned colony on Mars, Nina and her young daughter must survive. But beyond survival, they must find meaning in the tragedies that led them there and reconcile with their past so that they both can have a future, if not in this life, then in the next.

Back on Earth, crime and punishment have gone beyond what anyone ever imagined, and grasping for immortality has driven humanity to the limits of technological advancement. Nina tries to keep what is left of her family together through time spanning generations and distances spanning millions of miles. A teacher of teachers, well versed in the wisdom of the ages, Nina draws on her unique skills to forge a life for herself and her daughter, against all odds. But just when she settles into a semblance of normal routine, something unexpected happens that upsets the delicate balance of her life once more…

Anna Hammond brings a story of star-crossed lovers meeting and parting in an eternal dance through the ages, and of mothers and daughters who take turns being each other’s teacher. Inspired by parenthood, yoga, the headlines, this is a fascinating and fully-realized examination of family and spirituality in our modern age.

Publisher: Old Shoe Press, March 2014

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