Flora’s War, Audrey Reimann

0When the orphaned Flora MacDonald escapes from a harsh reform school she falls – literally – into the arms of Andrew Stewart, a handsome sailor on shore leave. But their blossoming love is interrupted by the outbreak of the Second World War.

With Andrew away fighting, Flora finds herself in an impossible situation: alone and pregnant. Out of desperation, she travels to Andrew’s country estate, but she doesn’t know how kindly his well-to-do family will welcome her in. Will she find a home where she can raise a child?

Publisher: Ebury Digital, May 2017

Reviewer: Jen

Flora’s War. Once again a sad story of the harshness of life for the poor.Young Flora faced it all. The loss of her family,her beloved Andrew and coming up against the scheming Ruth. Flora’s A young girl who turns her life around. Two people who never stopped loving each other finally find happiness again.

The Author. Audrey Reimann.   A great story written with such passion that you don’t want to put it down. Well done.

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