First day of school!

So today was my daughter’s first day at nursery school!



After a temperautre of 100.4 last night and very little sleep I didn’t know if we were going to make it into school, but she eventually woke up and seemed OK, although she does have a cold. A spoon full of calpol, a yogurt and only one bite of toast, I got her into her oversized uniform – light blue t-shirt, royal blue cardigan, grey skirt, grey tights and black pattent shoes. She refused as she does every day to let me do anything with her hair so having dragged a comb through it we were ready to leave.


Both her dad and I  got to the school in seperate cars (yes we are still talking – we both go to work in different directions!) We hung her bag on her peg and walked into the class, she found her name and stuck it to the wall and then we put her water bottle on the tray and then she was off, without a second look! I can’t tell you how my heart melted watching my little girl being so grown up!


My mum – nanny picked her up and she already has her first star sticker for being helpful and helping the teacher to tidy up. She is now at home on the sofa feeling a little bit sorry for herself, but I am one proud mummy, despite being poorly she still had a great first day at her big girl nursery!

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