Feeling hot, hot, hot! How to stay cool and get some sleep on those scorching summer nights!

Now summer is in full swing, it’s time for us Brits to embrace the season and all it has to offer – which can occasionally mean some pretty scorching summer days and nights!

But if the heat gets you and your little ones tossing and turning in your sleep, then Hypnos, which crafts supremely comfortable beds designed to give a great night’s sleep, is on hand to offer some essential advice on keeping cool and how you and your family can sleep a little better on those long, hot nights.


Here, Amanda Castle, Marketing Manager at Hypnos, offers her top tips:

  1. Ditch the duvet
  • Sleeping under a duvet – even one with a low tog rating – will only make you hot, so instead swap to a thin cotton sheet. Try to avoid going commando, for example sleeping without any pyjamas or bedding on you, as this can make it hard for your body to regulate its temperature.

If you have a young child then make sure you remove any waterproof mattress protectors if you can as these tend to trap the heat, giving your little one a hot and restless night.

  1. Keep it chilled
  • For the ultimate refreshing and cool hit, consider folding your bed sheet and popping it in a zip lock bag (where it will stay nice and dry) and store it in the freezer for a few hours before you go to bed. Then, when you’re ready to hit the hay, simply take it out and place it on your bed for an instant burst of coolness.
  1. Goodbye sunshine
  • If the weather forecast shows it’s going to be a really hot day then make sure you keep the sun at bay by keeping your curtains or blinds shut. This will help to stop you and your children’s room from overheating too much.
  1. The Natural Way
  • Choosing the right fillings in your bed and bedding can help regulate your body’s temperature to keep your cooler at night. Natural, sustainable fibres promote healthy air flow and wick away moisture, ideal for getting that perfect night’s rest.
  1. Ice, ice, baby
  • Create a makeshift ice pack that won’t leave you or your bed feeling damp. Take a hot water bottle, half fill it with water and pop it in the freezer for a few hours. Then, once it has frozen, simply take the cool bottle to bed with you to help keep your temperature low.
  1. Keep those windows closed
  • It might sound strange, but opening up your windows lets the hot air and sunshine in. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary and a cool atmosphere is ideal for this, so if you’re in need of a cool breeze and mother nature isn’t providing one, place a bowl of ice in front of a fan so that the air can blow over it, circulating a fresh hit around your room. If you’ve got youngsters, then you could even place several frozen bottles of water around their bedroom as this helps to cool the air around them as they melt overnight, bringing the temperature down a little.
  1. Switch off
  • Turn off any heat-generating lights or appliances unless you absolutely need them. Incandescent lights in particular, generate more heat than you might think, and this trick will help to keep your bedroom from getting even hotter.
  1. Splish, splash I was taking a bath
  • Consider having a cool bath before going to bed as this can really help to leave you feeling rejuvenated and less sweaty. A lukewarm bath also works especially well at cooling down small children as it can be incorporated into their bedtime routine, leaving them feeling refreshed and ready for bed. If there’s no time to run a bath, running your wrists and feet under cold water will give you an instant cooldown.
  1. Watch that mercury rise
  • For the ultimate sleep environment your bedroom should be between 16-18˚C but it can be difficult to accurately know what temperature it is. The heat can really effect children so consider installing a thermometer in their room (be sure to place it somewhere they won’t be able to reach or play with it), so you can tell if it’s too hot and decide whether or not you need to move them to another, cooler room for the night.


For more information about Hypnos please visit www.hypnosbeds.com.

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