Fat Planet

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fat planet

What they say:  Our planet is in the grip of an obesity pandemic.

More than a billion people worldwide are overweight and over 600 million are obese. We live in an obesogenic environment in which it is much easier to get fat than to stay fit. How has this come to be? Who is to blame? What can we do?

In Fat Planet, Dr David Lewis and Dr Margaret Leitch examine the social and psychological causes of the obesity pandemic in order to answer these questions. They use ground-breaking research to highlight the behaviour of corporations that relentlessly promote foods high in sugar, fat and salt, and show that these ‘junk’ foods have shockingly similar neurological effects to hard drugs. They consider the prevalence of food cues which unconsciously stimulate our desire to consume. And they debunk the myths of fad diets and slimming pills, suggesting practical, easily implemented strategies for sustainable weight loss.

The evidence is clear: our problem with obesity must be addressed or we will face catastrophic consequences. It is not too late to change.

What we say:  “Fat Planet looks at the growing obesity epidemic with some worrying predictions about where it is headed. Where the predictions particularly hit home for parents, are the facts and figures related to children which the writers regularly include.

That being said, the chapters in this book, though certainly interesting, are really focused on obesity rather than being overweight. This, along with a very heavy analysis of various scientific studies, absolutely set this book aside from others in the weight loss and healthy eating category. It is not another diet plan suggestion but an in depth look at obesity.

It provides an interesting, albeit heavy, read. Certainly something if you want to understand where the ‘obesity epidemic’ has come from, and more worryingly where it may be going to. Not for those looking for a different way to loose a few pounds.”


Fat Planet is available at all good book stores and online from Amazon


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