Everything You Need To Know About Making Baby Food With Single Serve Blenders

Description: The birth of a child is not only great joy but also a huge responsibility. After all, you have to solve so many important issues; most of them will refer to the baby’s nutrition. And to make puree dishes and cream soups, you will need a quality food blender. But what blender is suitable for cooking baby food?

Those who are searching for an answer on how to blend food without a blender can find a lot of information on the Internet. Though, we still recommend you to apply a blender to save your time and energy. Blender is a very serviceable and practical appliance that can save a lot of effort when cooking various dishes at home that someone calls your own.

Its main task when it comes to baby food cooking is to make a soft puree without lumps. After all, the biting and chewing abilities of the baby are only being formed. In addition, a baby food blender must do it quickly. And the appliance must be powerful enough not only for vegetables and porridge blending but also for meat, fish, etc. preparation.

For cooking the baby food are used: 

  • Immersion blenders;
  • Mini blenders;
  • Blenders-steamers.

Let’s take a closer and play here with the terms:

Immersion Blenders

They are compact and convenient devices. Moreover, you can use such a blender to puree food, make dough, minced meat, cocktails, cream soups, and many other interesting dishes.


  • compactness;
  • functionality;
  • easy maintenance and operation;


  • insufficient power.

Mini Blenders

Such devices are designed specifically for the needs of young mothers. Mini food blender is made of eco-friendly materials, is small in size and processes a small number of products – for one child’s bowl.


  • compactness;
  • cooking of a small amount of food;
  • easy to use and maintain.


  • insufficient power;
  • limited functionality.


It’s a multitasking device that is able not only to blend but it can also preheat, defrost or even steam food. Thermal treatment is considered to be the most preferable for the baby food cooking because the products retain all their vitamins and nutrients.


  • advanced functionality;
  •  fast food preparation;
  • easy to operate


  • high cost;
  • the device is cumbersome.

What to Pay Attention to When Choosing a Blender

Whatever your choice is, there are some tips that can make it easier for you to buy a good food blender for making the baby puree.

  1. Power. This parameter determines the quality and speed of the device. The higher the power, the more homogeneous and fine mass you will get.
  2. Functionality. This includes the number of operating modes and nozzles included in the set. The more nozzles and speeds of work, the greater variety of cooking you get.
  3. The material the device is made of. The material must be safe and durable. The device mustn’t have toxic dyes or damaged elements.
  4. The volume of the bowl. If you plan to use a blender not only for making baby puree, the capacity of the bowl will be an important criterion for you.

We hope that our tips will help you to solve the question of how to choose a food processor with blender for baby food cooking. Now you know what to pay attention to before buying a blender and what should be a device for baby food cooking.

What criteria were you guided by when choosing your food blender? Share your opinion.

Author’s bio: Joshua Sherman is a young father of two children who share his experience of choosing a qualitative and useful blender for cooking baby food. This information will be helpful for parents who are going to purchase the best food blender for cooking food for their babies.


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