Eve Yankah, Founder of BEPPS

Name:  Eve Yankah

Age:  31

Number of children:  2

Job title:  Chief BEPPSTER & Founder

Duties: Anything and everything!

Hours: officially 9-5pm, unofficially, all hours between 😅

Childcare arrangements: I have the most amazing nanny who has been with me since my eldest daughter was 6 months old (she’s now 4 1/2) – and my youngest Ozzy just adores her too. She’s like family! My mum also sometimes drops my daughter at school (she started Reception this September) and she often jokes that she didn’t expect to be doing the School run again at this stage of her life! It literally takes a village.

What I love about work: I love that it doesn’t feel like work, growing this brand is such an exciting process to me. Embracing the high’s and low’s, account wins and “come back later” can be exhilarating and soul crushing in the same breath. But I absolutely love seeing comments or posts from people on social media who have either seen BEPPS online and tried it or just stumbled across the brand in the weekly shop and have loved it! This makes all the stress 110% worth it.

What I find difficult is: Managing being a good CEO/Founder and leader to my growing team and being a good mum to my growing children! It’s such a fine balance and I definitely don’t get it right everyday, but I live and learn and even if I’m shattered by Friday, I prioritise the weekends as time to spend with my kids and do things that they want to do.

My working life would be easier if…there were more hours in the day!

Work/mum life balance: doesn’t quite exist. Feel guilty 90% of the time but trying to find a balance day by day and not punish myself emotionally in-between has been the best and repeated advice people in the industry have given me and continue to give me.

How having children has changed the work I do: Well my eldest actually inspired the brand and she was one of my first taste testers! My kids inspire me daily and they give me that extra sense of purpose and I strive for success more aggressively now; because its no longer just about me anymore, its about them and their future’s.

Fantasy job / If I wasn’t doing this…I love music and would have definitely pursued a career in singing, if I could sing! Ha!

Mojomums helps mums get their mojo back – what advice would you give to mums who feel they have lost theirs? Definitely don’t loose hope, life is in stages and I was where you were two years ago, with a toddler at home, feeling like something was missing and that I needed to tap back into “Eve” and her dreams before motherhood naturally slowed all that down. You need to take that time and enjoy your kids, whether you’re a stay at home mum or working, you need to take some time to get into the groove of motherhood and find out what works for you before you can then tap back into ‘yourself’ and reconnect with what makes you tick in life!

Anything else? Being a mum is the hardest frikin job in the world, you’re doing an amazing job! Keep going and you’re NOT alone 🙂


For more information and to order visit www.beppssnacks.com

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