Enormouse, Angie Morgan

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Enormouse is bigger than all the other mice in the mousehole – and he looks different too. He is teased by the other mice, even though he takes care of them, and when the mice find a picture of a rat they all decide that Enormouse is actually a rat.
Poor Enormouse leaves the mousehole and goes to join the rats. But what he discovers is that looks aren’t everything. The rats are dirty and untidy, and he is not at all like them. Now he realises where his true home lies…

Publisher: Francis Lincoln Children’s Books, Oct 2014

Reviewer: Klaudia Khan

‘Enormouse’ by Angie Morgan is a story of a mouse, not a tiny little one, but a really big mouse that has always been wondering why he was different. And then one day, while exploring the library with his best friend, Tinymouse, they discover a book suggesting that Enormouse might not be a mouse at all, but a rat! It comes as a shock to the poor mouse and what is worse, all of his mice friends are laughing at him. So Enormouse decides to leave the Mouse House and go ‘to ware the rats live’… But will he fit in with the rats? And what about the other mice, wouldn’t they miss their big friend?

There are children books that tell a really good story and there are children books that are beautifully illustrated and ‘Enormouse’ has the best of both. It’s been so much fun reading it with my daughters, and I guess I have enjoyed it as much as they did. The illustrations are original and funny and the story touches upon important issues of being different, of tolerance and acceptance. It is a great starting point to a discussion, but it can also be enjoyed as it is: a nice story with some good drama and a happy ending.

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