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“Brain tumours kill more under 40’s including children then any other cancer. Yet they don’t get the funding or exposure that other types of cancer get.

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Since I was diagnosed in July, I’ve met parents who’ve lost children, parents who know they are going to die before they see their children grow up, and far too many young people fighting brain tumours.

When I went to London for my surgery, there was one lady on my ward (a dedicated brain tumour ward) who celebrated her 80th birthday there, everyone else was under 40 and all of us had young children.

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All types of cancers should be receiving the same level of funding and recognition. More funding is desperately needed for brain tumours as they’re so hard to treat. If my tumour was anywhere else in my body, I would have been given either radiotherapy, chemo or both. But the brain is so sensitive to these therapies, it’s not used until absolutely necessary as it can cause more tumours elsewhere in the brain. So I didn’t any ‘just incase there are any microscopic cells left behind’ therapy. It’s a double edged sword.

To be considered for parliament this petition needs 100,000 signatures and this has now been reached!  Every extra signature will help and will show how important we find this cause.

Please sign this petition if you haven’t already and please share, share and share again!”



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4 Responses to Emily’s Story – Brain Tumour Research & Petition

  1. Tracy says:

    Hi, i am deaf and i am 49, mother of 3 grown up kids,
    i was driving and went blind, had to do emergency stop and manage to put warning light on, then i could see clear again, when i got out of my car, my right leg gave way, i had no control of my leg, then i was alright again manage to get back to my car, text to my son, my dad drove my car home , my son took me to the doctors and they said we got no appointment till next Wednesday, (6 days later) till i said what is happening to me and they fetch the doctor, he thought i had a stroke, he said “why you haven’t come sooner” i said i have tried to make a appointment since last july, couldn’t fit me in, so many time i came back to try get appointment, must be about 15-20 times, i gave up” doctor just look on floor and said “sorry” i was told to go to lister hospital in stevenage, Hertfordshire, had a mri scan and found a shadow, it was brain tumour then i was transferred to university college london hospital, saw mrs greive, she explain everything and i understand her, she was brilliant, i had my tumour remove 3 weeks ago , they done fantastic job, i can’t fault them with anything, they care and so skilled, fantastic job what they done,
    I am raising money for brain tumour when i am 100% better, it my way for saying thank you from the bottom of my heart for all what they done for me , that i have pulled through, i am still here, i am so grateful my kids still have their mum, i am getting better and stronger everyday, no work for 3 months or maybe longer, no driving for a year, how am i gonna afford to live on, i get sick pay, that not enough to live on.
    Come on and help with hospital funding please , it not hard . Please help, we don’t ask much.

  2. Annette says:

    Please could you also publicise the great work done by the Headsmart campaign and the Brain Tumour charity. Headsmart aims to published the signs of brain tumours so they get picked up more quickly in time to save lives.

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