Elf on The Shelf

Do you join in with the Christmas craze, Elf on a Shelf?!?!

Your Elf arrives in your home at the beginning of December to report back to Santa whether your children are being naughty or nice!

Many Elves come with packs with a letter from Santa, some come with a name & others you name yourselves, but all elves have something in common…they like to get up to mischef & cause some Christmas fun around your home!

At night, Mum or Dad arranges ‘elf antics’!  There are plenty of ideas for elf antics – hanging underwear on the Christmas tree, unravelling the toilet paper, turning the milk green, drinking Daddy’s beer…Some mornings he may leave surprises like christmas sweets & colouring books. Other days there may be letters inviting the children out to choose a new decoration for the tree, tickets to the christmas panto or even an invite to see Santa…There is no limit to your Elf’s antics!

We love this idea at Mojomums & can’t wait for our Elves to visit very soon!  Let us know if an Elf visits your home & what antics he gets up to! And if an Elf feels like too much ‘work’ why not try a Santa Camera instead…?!


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