Education is the Key to Success!

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Michelle Obama has recently been visiting the UK, meeting with dignitaries and taking time out to go to schools and tell children that education is the key to success!

Here at Mojomums we have been talking about both our education and that of our children…

What do we all want for our children? Is going to the best school the most important thing? How do you give your child the best education? Do you have to pay for it to get the best?

There have been a lot of questions raised, especially as in Watford, where many of the Mojomums team live, there are few secondary schools that you do not have to take an exam to get into. The big issue all of us here have with this is that the content of that exam is not taught in primary schools. Personally I think this is a complete injustice – I mean talk about setting a child up to fail – asking a 10 year old to go to a school they have never been to before, sit in a massive hall with children they don’t know and do an exam on a subject (verbal reasoning) that they have never seen before! I wouldn’t turn up to an interview for a job without having looked at their website at the very least, yet I am expected to put my child through this?

When my secondary school was chosen we looked at the local schools and my parents and I looked at the one which was the best fit for me. But in our area currently this is not the case…

What about primary school education in the Watford area? Well there are some good, some bad and a couple of outstanding schools, but there just aren’t enough places – so free schools have been introduced. So far I have heard good things about the one local to me, but I do worry that teachers do not have to be qualified and the curriculum doesn’t have to be followed, so who is to say that although the children may have a wonderful time at school, when they move to their next school will they be able to match the other children from traditional primary schools or will they in fact be streaks ahead?

Is education a postcode lottery and is there really a big difference between schools or is it simply if your child wants to learn they will and if they don’t, well….

What about private schools – do you think these are the best and if you could afford it you would put your child into private education – or do you think they are only for the privileged and actually create an unfair start for some just because their parents are wealthy?

Here at Mojomums we have our own opinions on the education of our families and we would love to hear your thoughts on this. We will be blogging about our feelings on the education we received and that of our children.

We have to say though, despite our own issues with the current education system, we are very lucky in this country to have a free schooling system and thinking of 62 million girls across the world who have no education, it does make us realise despite our personal opinions, we are actually very lucky!


To read about Michelle Obama and the Let Girls Learn initiative click here.



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  1. Vix Moore says:

    There aren’t enough primary school places for predicted numbers in Watford, which is why St John’s is planned to open in September 2016, increasing the number of available spaces as well as providing the option of a church school education. Being a Free School, there is more freedom in how the school is run, but St John’s will be employing qualified teachers and teaching the national curriculum.

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