Educating your child about ‘Stranger Danger’

Whilst the risk posed by strangers is rare, it’s really important to make children aware of simple tips they can follow to keep themselves a little safer.

This video on Stranger Danger released by the Greater Manchester police is designed to highlight a few key points, to be used to help you have that important conversation with your child. It is aimed at children aged 4 – 11 years and for parents, carers, families, teachers, schools and centres for young people to use to raise awareness and generate discussion that helps children keep safe.

Talk about who your ‘safe’ adults are and where there are safe places near you if help is needed. It’s also important to think about safety on the internet and use of mobile phone apps and games that have ‘chat’ functions as this can be just as dangerous as a stranger in the street.

To view the video click here.


There is a range of info and support here –

Childline –


Pride 123 –




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