Driving to work; who is your dream passenger?!

Picture the scene; you are driving to work, who is your perfect dream passenger sitting next to you?!?!

seat mii

If you are like a quarter of women asked by by Seat, Prince Harry is the answer!

In a poll conducted to celebrate the launch of the fashion-inspired special edition SEAT Mii by MANGO city car, it seems that the women of the UK have very clear ideas about who they want to have travelling alongside them, with Prince Harry being the number one choice!

Some things don’t change though, as David Beckham shows his undying appeal, coming a close second with 21%.

Here are the Mojomums team’s choices:

Kelly – Jenson Button please!  But can he be in the driving seat…?!?!

Carolynne – Any of the male models from the Boohoo.com ads!

Emma – Will-i-am for a good old sing-song on the way!  Or gorgeous singer/actor Jonathan Bremner!


So over to you Mojomums, who would you like sitting next to you…!?!?



The SEAT Mii by MANGO is available now, priced from £10,995 on the road. Please visit: www.seat.co.uk for more information

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