Dressing Multiples

When it comes to dressing multiples there seems to be three different thoughts. Firstly dress them the same, completely matching outfits. Second thought is co-ordinate so all in shorts and t-shirts but different colours of the same style or items from the same range but one in shorts and one in a skirt etc. Thirdly completely different outfits all unique with no reference to what the others are wearing. We would love to hear which category you fall into so let us know below.

We have searched the high street to find stores that cater to all three schools of thought:

Next, we have just seen their Autumn range and it is absolutely gorgeous! You could clothe all your children from head to toe from just Next, no matter if you want matching or not! They have a great range of packs of 2 or 3 tops or trousers which co-ordinate. From tops and dresses for the girliest girls to jeans and shorts for any tom boys. For boys there are some great t-shirts and polo shirts and jumpers and jeans. These are showcased to their best in the next directory – it is really easy to shop ranges when they are displayed like this. However you can shop online or instore too.

Zara, showcase their children’s clothes in colours in stores so again it makes it really easy to pull together outfits that either completely match or co-ordinate or indeed are absolutely opposite.

Vertbaudet show their range either online or via a catalogue. The catalogue showcases the ranges really well and it is easier to see what co-ordinates or matches. Online you can search via item or colour.

Department stores such as Marks and Spencer’s, Debenhams, House of Fraser, John Lewis all have great ranges for kids. However it depends which branch you go into as to what you can get in store. Online is often easier to shop as you can sort by colour or style and on some sites by designer, so it makes matching or co-ordinating easier.

H&M often have nice pieces and do them in lots of colours to co-ordinate, their website is easy to use, and showcases their range however I would say they are nice for pieces or outfits rather than a range.

Pumpkin Patch again have a great clothes for children that are showcased on the website in collections which help show all co-ordinates in that range so you can easily shop by colour palette.

Mothercare have a huge range from basics and lot cost items to ranges by Mayleen Klass and Jooles Oliver and lots in between. With a great selection you can often findco-ordinating outfits however they aren’t always displayed in clour pallettes or ranges in store. Again online can help with this choosing a range or colour can make matching and co-ordinating much easier.

The Supermarkets, there are some great items and prices to be had shopping for children’s clothes whilst shopping for your groceries. Again I would say more items or clothes rather than getting a full wardrobe. However they do great basics and matching ranges for little ones.

If you know of any other stores that sell great co-ordinating kids clothes, let us and other readers know by commenting below….


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  1. Kelly says:

    I dress my 2 year old twin boys more-often-than-not in co-ordinating outfits; they are not identical but very similar in looks (blonde hair, blue eyes, same height…) & I love this look on them!
    I love Next, Gap & Pumpkin Patch for easy to wear, cool styles for young boys – girls clothes are so cute with up-to-date fashion, I often find it hard to find boys clothes that are equally as fun
    I especially struggle with shoe choices! The lady in Clarks knows me well now – similar shoe choices please but in different colours so the boys know which shoes are theirs!

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