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We were talking at Mojomums HO and it appears there is a new craze that I didn’t know about but that most of the mums here do, dream house hunting. Apparently this isn’t a new phenomena and everyone was shocked I didn’t know about it. The easy answer to this is when I win the Lottery (yes I know I don’t actually do it very often but still!) I was going to buy a plot of land and build a house for me, a house for my parents, a house for my brother and a house for my grandparents and build a big swimming pool in the middle!


Anyway back to this dream house hunting and I have to say I have now tried it and it’s great fun! Who knew there was so much information out there, on sites like Zoopla you can see when houses sold down your road and for how much. But you can search for houses for sale by location or price or number of rooms. So now when I win the lottery I have alternatives to building my own house, here are a few of my favourites!


So I quite fancy a move to the coast and the place I used to go when I was a child was Bournemouth, so where better than Sandbanks to find a dream house!


This first choice is a 6 bedroom detached house on the waterfront. It has a real American LA beach house feel to it with a great kitchen, swimming pool, sauna and games room. Yours for a mere £6,950,000



The second house is on for the same amount and is again 6 bedrooms and detached. I love the hall in this property it has the wow factor and a great kitchen (for the chef!) The games room with bar is also amazing. Yes I could see myself living here no problem at all!



OK so let’s get slightly more realistic and look around the Hertfordhire area and say around £1,000,000.

My first one is in St Albans and has more character than a Shakespear novel! It is a 4 bedroom Grade II listed detached house and is on for £995,000. It’s a bit too oldy worldy for me but I’d love to have a nose round it wouldn’t you!?


How about this 4 bedroom detached Bungalow in Kings Langley set in approximately 6 acres of land! OK so the building isn’t a looker from the outside but all that land makes me think this one could be a fab house to look at.



So if you have a spare hour or two to while away I can highly recommend this new pastime from the sublime to the ridiculous, I have already spent several lottery wins in my head, now back to choosing those numbers….

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  1. Natalie says:

    Ha ha! My sisters and I call this property porn and we are quite the addicts! On the flip side though, our family home used to be one of these sorts of houses and when he sold, it was extraordinary how many people who took it one step further and booked viewings as well even though they clearly had no intention of ever making an offer.

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