Does your child want to be a YouTube star…?!?!

Getting started in the world of recording your own music can be a little daunting, but it’s actually not as difficult as it may initially seem. Whether it’s for filming YouTube videos, recording your own music demos to put on CD or just for a bit of fun, we have you covered. I’ve listed 3 key products here that each work in their own way to get you recording with your computer or iPad/iPhone.

iTrack Pocket


Primarily geared towards creating YouTube videos via your iPhone, the iTrack Pocket is a microphone and camera-phone stand in one tidy little package. Obviously something at this price point isn’t going to produce studio quality audio, but sometimes that’s not what YouTube videos are about.  Allowing the user a way to get a higher quality recording than the on board microphone is part of what makes the iTrack Pocket ideal for recording live bedroom performances and vlogs, plus the sub £50 price tag gives it tonnes of stocking filler potential.



As far as USB microphones are concerned, the Rode NT-USB is definitely one of the best out there. Basically a microphone with an audio interface built in. The NT-USB works by connecting to your computer via USB, you then plug your headphones into the microphone so you can listen back to what you’re singing/playing along to.

Also included is a desktop stand, an all metal pop shield, zip case and a 6m long USB cable. The NT-USB isn’t supplied with any recording software, but where most people are starting out on free programs like Garage Band and Reaper, a USB microphone is what you need to get going.

Rode are world renowned for producing top quality microphones, so it’s great  to see them bringing a reliable high quality USB microphone to the table.

Presonus iTwo


The iTwo Studio Package by Presonus is another great place to start for home recording and provides you with the most bang for your buck in terms of contents. Included in the box is an audio interface, a condenser microphone, headphones, pop-shield and all the relevant cables to connect everything together.

The iTwo interface is one of the few out there that can work on both Mac and PC via USB, and also on iPad and iPhone via Lightening. This is a 2 channel interface, so you could record vocals and guitar in at the same time, or create stereo recordings from a keyboard. The iTwo also has MIDI connections, which is an industry standard format used for controlling external devices like synthesizers and drum machines. What’s great about this being included is that as you get more experienced, you won’t need to upgrade your interface.

The great thing about the iTwo when used with iPad and iPhone is that (unlike many other IOS interfaces) you don’t need to purchase any adapters to make it work. It plugs in with your regular Lightening to USB cable supplied with your Apple product, and can be powered with a regular USB-USB cable if hooked up to a USB plug socket adapter, which in turn charges your iPad/iPhone as you record.

The included software is a package called Studio One Artist 2. This is a professional level music studio program that allows budding musicians and producers to get their paws into the world of multitrack recording. Also included is a large bank of audio loops, these can be anything from pianos or strings, to various styles of drum rhythms. What this allows you to do is make complete musical compositions without the need to rely on other musicians or equipment you don’t have access to.

The microphone supplied is a large diaphragm condenser microphone. This is a sensitive recording mic with a great sound, designed to capture all the subtle nuances and harmonic content you don’t get with your typical hand held microphone.

It’s worth noting that the package doesn’t include a microphone stand, so if you don’t already have one, it’s definitely worth picking one up when you’re buying.

There’s a massive range of products out there and we’re always happy to advise and tailor things to your needs. Please give us a visit at and have a look at what’s available and if you ever have any questions, please let us know.

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