DIY and your partner, a marriage made in heaven or a Wreck it Ralph?

Wreck It Ralph Charicters


Have you seen the new Disney movie Wreck it Ralph, which has just been released on DVD? Was the story a little too close for comfort? A survey carried out by Disney reveals that 57.8% of men in the UK have suffered a wrecking mishap in the home!  With half British men confessing to having at least one DIY project unfinished in their home and a third admitting to covering up a DIY blunder!


So this survey got us Mojomums talking about how good our husbands and partners are at DIY!


Amanda: I would call my husband a tryer. He will attempt anything – eventually – but not always succeed, however his dad is a builder so there is always help at hand to get the job done. We are hoping to build an extension and my husband is planning on doing the build with his retired builder father, I am a little nervous that he will have the time and patience to see it through, but I live in hope (or denial!)


Sally: My husband is very capable and can turn his hand to anything. He is now more a carpenter by trade but has worked in all areas of the building trade and can do all jobs needed. He is very keen on starting projects but finishing them is not so interesting!  I have a very long snagging list for him!


Emma: My husband will say yes to any job! He used to be a builder/plasterer when he lived in Italy so when we bought our current house which need a total face-lift, he put his skills back into practice and knocked walls down, took ceilings down and re-plastered the entire house! BUT there are many things that are unfinished and will probably remain so for a very long time as he now seems to have given up on the inside and has moved to the garden!


Lucy: My husband always says don’t worry he can fix it, however in reality the jobs never get done.  I am still waiting for my bathroom to be painted it’s been 4 years now!    Also when we first got married we had bought a flat so that he could take it on a project to renovate, however after 6 months living in a building site whilst being pregnant I took matters into my own hands and we moved to a lovely decorated house.


Helen:  My Husband is a complete disaster at anything DIY!!  He is also too ambitious, and impractical.  I had beautiful curtains made for the bedroom and asked him to put up a curtain rail, he bought the wrong width so I couldn’t actually close the curtains and then within a week the middle of the rail feel down!!  So it is now (and has been for 3 months) hanging on by the screws at each end sagging in the middle.  We moved into our house in December and obviously there were lots of jobs to do, instead of decorating and making our new house a home, he decided to build a sledge out of wood the previous owner had left behind!!  It survived a few trips down the slopes when to snow came, then collapsed into a heap of splinters and nails!!  


We’d love to hear your stories of DIY disasters or Jubilation that the DIY job was easier than you thought and the results are much better than you were expecting, leave us your comments below.

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