Ditch the traditional advent calendar for a magic moment one instead

Christmas can be a crazy few weeks, so much to do and so little time. If we aren’t careful we can lose the magic in the rush to recreate a magazine-style ‘perfect’ family Christmas.

But sometimes the most magical family Christmas moments come in the simplest of wrappings.

Remember, it’s not in things that we find true happiness but in the experiences we share with others.

So, count-up to Christmas with this special happiness filled advent calendar.

1st December     Put up your Decorations everywhere!

2nd December    Make a Christmas Alphabet think of 26 things beginning with each letter.

3rd December    Go on a candy cane hunt indoors or out

4th December    Make Christmas biscuits (ones with a boiled sweet in middle are especially gorgeous at Christmas time)

5th December    Go tinsel bombing (like yarn bombing but with tinsel!)

6th December    Create a Christmas hat or buy and wear really silly ones

7th December     Make something nice to share (mince pies are good) even popcorn

8th December    Antlers and bells day – wear antlers all day and sing jungle bells often

9th December    Make paper Christmas trees with rolls of a3 paper

10th December  Have a rocking robin party – wear red bibs and flash mob your front room

11th December Make and take Christmas cards to neighbours and friends

12th December Make hot chocolate and drink it outdoors

13th December Go to a care home and sing some Christmas songs or visit an elderly person

14th December Dress up in sparkly outfits

15th December Sing we wish you a merry Christmas to your family, neighbours or in public!

16th December Make a gingerbread house (even just with ginger biscuits and icing)

17th December Learn a new Christmas Song

18th December Go outside at night and find a star

19th December Wrap yourself up in wrapping paper like a present #allwrappedup

20th December Make some Christmas playdough – add cinnamon, mixed fruit or mixed spice

21st December Make handprint cut-outs and make a wreath for the door.

22nd December Make paper chains – who can make the longest one?

23rd December Choose your favourite from the past 22 days and do it again!

24th December  Make reindeer food and sprinkle it on your path.

Shonette Bason-Wood is co-author of Happiness – your route-map to inner joy. Available now on Amazon. Find out more about Shonette at www.spreadthehappiness.co.uk

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