Dispute Resolution Week – Free consultation with a local legal expert

Family mediation has not to date attracted the media attention it deserves. Newspapers like to run the stories of the thousands and thousands of pounds high profile couples have spent in Court to achieve the all time biggest payout. Sensational stories sell of course. However family mediation is different. The ethos behind the process is simple. It is the parties’ process, they make the decisions and retain control over their own future and the future of their family.


The intention behind Dispute Resolution week 2013  is to promote non litigious methods of resolving family related issues and in particular family mediation and collaborative law.


Dispute Resolution week is the perfect opportunity for family lawyers to really pull together and promote family mediation and collaborative law. Mediators and collaborative lawyers up and down the country will be offering differing initiatives to promote alternatives to Court proceedings and illustrate that there are other ways of resolving family related disputes than contested Court proceedings or lengthy inter solicitor correspondence.


For further information on the week please see the national Family Dispute Resolution Week website: http://www.nationalfamilydrweek.org.uk/


As part of Dispute Resolution week 2013 here at Mojomums we have partnered with a local legal expert Camilla Khawaja from the Women’s Lawyer  to offer a free appointment to provide you with an insight into family mediation as part of our efforts to promote family mediation as the process of choice for separating families and to illustrate how mediation can assist parties in dealing with divorce and/or other forms of relationship/family breakdown. We are offering this free of charge information service on Monday 25th November. It is offered on a first come first serve basis so please email hello@mojomums.co.uk to register your interest and we will let you know a time slot to meet Camilla Khawaja.



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