Dinosaur Poo, Diane and Christyan Fox

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In rollicking, fast-paced verse and colourful illustrations with strategic die-cut flaps, dinosaurs hunt for the largest poo. The queue of dinosaurs searching gets longer, the poos get larger, and so do the flaps.

Young children and parents will enjoy the quest and the unexpected ending, in this humorous book that combines two popular and particularly relevant subjects.

Publisher: Words and Pictures, Sept 2014

Reviewer: Briony Stebbings

Dinosaur Poo is a great little book with lift up flaps and pop up pages. Anything with lift up flaps automatically becomes a favourite of my little boys, he’s really into them at the moment so this has been really good fun to read.

The premise of the story is simple, which dinosaur has the biggest poos?

You follow the Dinosaurs through their brightly coloured land, reading the fun rhyming text as they hunt down the biggest dinosaur poo they can find.

I love the bright, primary coloured illustrations. The funny rhyme pulls you seamlessly through the story and still uses correct dinosaur names so is also educational. Let’s be honest here though, this is a story about poo, the bigger and stinkier the better, what kid doesn’t love that?


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