Did you know you could go on safari in Holland…?!

Did you know you could go on safari in Holland? Or stay on a holiday park with a theme park in it? Or wake up in a fairytale forest? Well, neither did we!

We’ve been chatting to Laura and Jane from Little Clogs Holidays about some of the unique places to stay in their collection of child friendly holidays in Holland and Belgium. This is what they told us:

Families usually contact us for recommendations on places which are easy to get to, have loads to do on site and off and which are brilliant for toddlers but also have lots to do for older children too. We are lucky to have a fantastic portfolio of holiday parks and farm holidays to offer and can cater for families who want a beach holiday as well as those who prefer to be in nature, taking advantage of the great cycling and walking trails. There are some really unique places to visit on our site and sometimes it’s not easy to narrow it down as we want people to experience them all!

Some of the most popular and most unique places to stay on our site are in Holland and are Duinrell, Beekse Bergen and Bosrijk Village at the Efteling theme park.

Duinrell ticks a lot of boxes as it is very easy to get to from the UK, being only a half hour drive from Amsterdam airport or under an hour from the Rotterdam ferry ports. Duinrell is in a quaint Dutch village which has cobbled streets, a church, shops and places to eat and drink. It’s also only 4km or a 20 minute bike ride along safe cycle paths to a wide, sandy beach. The Dutch beaches are some of the cleanest, safest and most child friendly in Europe. So, location is a big attraction with Duinrell. What makes it unique though is its family friendly theme park with over 40 rides, many suitable for toddlers, and its impressive indoor and outdoor pool complex. The pool complex has a new area just for younger children as well as some pretty scary water chutes! The outdoor pool will be completely renovated for July 2019 with some new slides and a children’s water play area. Perfect for sunny days! (and yes, it does get warm and sunny in Holland!)


We love Duinrell and have both stayed here many times either on holiday or for work and can recommend it many times over.

Beekse Bergen is a very special holiday park with its own safari park which is the largest one in the country with over 1000 animals! The holiday park is large and set in beautiful woodlands with a lake and sandy beach. It has lots of little playgrounds dotted about, an indoor children’s pool and a huge play zone on the beach with slides, play equipment, little rides and more.  You can either choose to stay on the holiday park, in animal themed bungalows (called jungalows) or in the newly opened safari resort. Here you can select a safari lodge with views of the lions or the giraffes and really be able to get up close and watch the animals while you’re having your breakfast! Why go all the way to Africa for a safari!

Beekse Bergen accommodation comes with free entrance to the safari park and the play zone as well as to various zoos and pools in the local area.

Beekse Bergen is located in the south of Holland and just over an hour from the ferry ports and an hour and a half from Amsterdam airport. It’s also only a 20-30 minute drive away from the Efteling fairytale theme park where you can visit for the day or add a few days on at the end of your holiday and stay at one of their holiday parks or in a fairytale suite in the Efteling Hotel.

Efteling Bosrijk Village is set within an enchanted forest on the edge of the amazing Efteling theme park and is also the home to The Sandman. You will find his own castle in the centre of the Bosrijk lake where he and his wife come out in the evenings to tell stories to sleepy girls and boys under the arches of the main building. This is somewhere Red Riding Hood may just pop by for breakfast and where magical fairytales are left for you in your accommodation (not to mention the surprises you will receive before you even arrive). Efteling has its own unique way of creating the most magical and memorable family holiday experience. As you wander along the short woodland path to the theme park entrance you pass by red and white toadstools which myth has it are inhabited by gnomes.

A large part of Efteling theme park is a Fairytale Forest which has all those stories you’ve grown up with and most likely share with your children at bedtime come to life, by movement, music and even smells! Efteling has an enormous range of rides for all ages and for everyone’s tastes. But we are pretty sure it’s the unexpected musicians, story tellers or geese walking by that will fill your days with delight and wonder! A true Little Clogs favourite, Efteling is a place that should be on your family bucket list. What’s more it’s easy to spend extended holidays here making staying in one of the holiday villages or hotels the perfect place to rest your crowns and tiaras after a long day exploring. Bosrijk village offers something special, has plenty of play areas, a shop, restaurants and lovely terrace as well as a pool!

For more information about these parks or any of the other places featured in the Little Clogs collection visit https://little-clogs-holidays.co.uk or drop Laura or Jane a line at info@little-clogs-holidays.co.uk and they’d be happy to help!

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